Our services

Superpave and Marshall Asphalt Mix Designs

Central Utah Testing has the ability to perform asphalt mix designs for a variety of agencies.  These services include sampling, testing and reporting according to agency mix design procedures. Also, we have provided support services for preliminary designs prior to projects bidding.  We have successfully completed mix designs for the Utah Department of Transportation, FAA, FHWA, State of Alaska, and the Idaho Department of Transportation.  We have also assisted in designs for the Colorado Department of Transportation and the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Hamburg Testing
Central Utah testing has the ability to perform Hamburg Testing on asphalt mixes.  Central Utah Testing can preform this testing during the mix design process, during production of asphalt pavement, or as problems arise to analyze the material for future considerations.

Asphalt Production Inspection

Central Utah Testing can assist the client with control of asphalt hotplants.  We have the ability to advise clients in changes and recommendations to asphalt hotplants.  We have three portable asphalt testing facilities.  Which can be mobilized to your project and report tests results in a timely manner to ensure materials are meeting the required specifications.

Paving Operation Inspection

During production of asphalt paving, Central Utah Testing can monitor the ride and density of the asphalt to ensure the client is producing asphalt per the specifications.

Soils Laboratory Testing

Central Utah Testing can perform gradations, liquid and plastic limit, proctors, moisture, specific gravities, unit weights, sand equivalent, LA abrasion, soundness, and various  other tests.

Field Inspection Soils

Central Utah Testing can mobilize to your project and perform density and soils testing on your project.  
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